Dress up this Diwali, Indie style!

Diwali season is all about ethnic dressing and meeting friends & relatives. No matter how much you love wearing designer dresses  all year around, during diwali, everybody loves a dash of traditional indian.

So this Diwali, we at indiebazaar have stocked up designer sarees, traditional indian fashion jewellery & potli & pouches to create an  indian collection that you will LOVE.


Indiebazaar_Traditional_wear_diwali1 Indiebazaar_Traditional_wear_diwali2 Indiebazaar_Traditional_wear_diwali3

Cocktail rings!

At indiebazaar, we like to keep ourselves updated with all the latest trends in fashion jewellery. So when we heard something about over-sized rings being the latest fashion jewellery trending in parties , we figured it would soon get huge in the fashion circuit.  These over-sized stylish rings called cocktail rings’ can be worn not only for evening event but as a part of daily outfit also. Bollywood inspired jewellery is big in india. But these cocktail rings are not just the  focus of fashionistas & page 3 gazelles; we have also seen famous Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities flaunting their jewelled fingers!

Have a look below at some of the latest trends of cocktail rings, exclusively at www.indiebazaar.com
Click on the images to see details -

li_12396cUp_indiebazaar_rings_LightOrangeRoseFingerRing_champaqali li_25401tpG_indiebazaar_rings_OwlRing_CrunchyFashion li_17611PrI_indiebazaar_rings_SilverCocktailRing_VogueCrafts li_7104FMy_indiebazaar_rings_AntiqueFinishBrownRing_ShobanaKirpalaniCollection li_7103MQq_indiebazaar_rings_AntiqueFinishWhiteRing_ShobanaKirpalaniCollection li_17574wxT_indiebazaar_rings_LovelyAdjustableczcocktailringwithEmerald_TanishkabyBharatiThakur

T-shirts that SPEAK !

The youth today is independent. The youth today is opinionated. Gone are the days where the youth thought one thing and said another! We say what we want & we make sure we are heard!

Our designers at indiebazaar.com have come up with an amazing collection of T-shirts which make sure you are noticed!


Some make a style statement, some grab eyeballs mostly for all the right reasons :P  and some are plain quirky & fun.  Whatever the case may be, we all simply love wearing these T-shirts which speak! .

Here at indiebazar.com , we can boast of having a wide collection of t-shirts which help you speak your mind. Check some of the best ones that remain hot favourites of our customers! li_14302Euz_indiebazaar_tshirtstops_IeatandIeattshirt_UberJogi li_15531zEr_indiebazaar_menstshirtsandhoodies_INDEPENDENTINDIANTshirt_ShroomHeadz li_13838oBS_indiebazaar_tshirtstops_LAZYsome_incynk li_23077bSL_indiebazaar_menstshirtsandhoodies_BlackandGreyTShirtCombo_Deswe li_357VgW_indiebazaar_mens-tshirts-and-hoodies_MehenatKaFalTshirt_EDiOTS li_13516TNn_indiebazaar_menstshirtsandhoodies_LAZYsome_incynk li_15513Nmg_indiebazaar_menstshirtsandhoodies_ALPHAMALETshirt_ShroomHeadz li_15431pdk_indiebazaar_tshirtstops_ShroomHeadzMadeInMumbaiTshirt_ShroomHeadz

Timeless creazion – Our Super Indie store!

Timeless Creazion is innovation & creativity at its best. Christalina, the self proclaimed ‘Mad crafter scientist’ is an inspiration. Her sheer passion & love for everything handmade can be seen in her works.  From crochet work, tiny book pendant to quirky bookmarks Timeless Creazion has it all. The way she has managed to create upcycled products have set her aside.

Lets take a look at some of her works li_24241WRL_indiebazaar_jewellerysets_SeashellpaperQuillSet_TImelesscreazion li_18541ecm_indiebazaar_kidsfootwear_CrochetedBabyballerinabooties_TImelesscreazion li_6882Etk_indiebazaar_book-marks_3DBookmarkBookworm_TImelesscreazion li_6704Uso_indiebazaar_jewellery-sets_StrawberryPendantGreen_TImelesscreazion li_17745hgW_indiebazaar_earrings_bohemianribbonhoopstyleearrings_TImelesscreazion li_10058GcF_indiebazaar_book-marks_3DBookmarkBookworm_TImelesscreazion li_1250NMV_indiebazaar_kids-footwear_HandCrochetBabyBooties1_TImelesscreazion


Bani Thani – India’s Mona Lisa

Bani Thani is most probably the most famous piece of art from Rajasthan. We have seen her on wall art gracing our walls, on bags adoring your beautiful dress or on notebooks livening up your boring office desk.

This 18th century phenomena is an household name in India. International tourists visiting Rajasthan often have her as a prized souvenir reminding them of the grace & beauty of the cultural capital of india.

At indiebazaar we have a curated selection of designer Bani Thani products which remind you of our rich cultural heritage.

Click on the product images to view product details -

li_23827QDC_indiebazaar_clutches_BaniThaniWallet_EcoCorner li_439DfN_indiebazaar_tote-bags_ToteBagBaniThani_MADHURIMAMGAIN li_1745XbR_indiebazaar_notebooks-and-diaries_BaniThaniExercisePad_EcoCorner li_1753QsG_indiebazaar_notebooks-and-diaries_BaniThaniSmallExerciseBook_EcoCorner li_1813oqU_indiebazaar_cushions-and-covers_BaniThaniCushionCover_EcoCorner li_20235xdJ_indiebazaar_totebags_SmallBaniThaniCottonBag_EcoCorner


Care instructions for your favourite piece of jewellery!

Love that statement necklace? Does your heart skip a beat when you’ve been waiting for an occasion to wear your favourite polki earrings and find them to be faded or scratched :-( . We exactly know how you feel. We at team indie came up with a thought to put down a few basic care instructions for your precious jewellery

  • Clean your jewellery after each wearing with a soft cloth. This will remove the oils from your skin and debris picked up throughout the day and help prevent tarnish.
  • Do not put your jewellery on until AFTER you have dressed and applied any cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, lotions and other chemicals. These can dull and even harm your jewellery.
  • Do not sleep with your jewellery on. This causes unnecessary stress on the components and will make them more likely to break.
  • Remove jewellery before doing household chores, especially when washing dishes. Remember, many household cleaners contain bleach or other harsh chemicals that are harmful to jewellery.
  • Do not wear your jewellery swimming or in the shower. Avoid wearing it around chlorinated pools and hot tubs, salt water, mineral springs and suntan lotion.
  • When not wearing your jewellery store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep your jewellery pieces separated to avoid scratching. I recommend storing each piece in its own zip-top bag with the air squeezed out and I provide one with each piece of jewellery.
  • Be sure to avoid chemicals like alcohol, ammonia, bleach, chlorine, acetone, hairspray, perfume and cosmetics.

Do write to us if you found this to be helpful at contact@indiebazaar.com !

Stay indie :)

Jhumka – Forever fashionable

We saw Sonakshi Sinha wear them in Dabangg, and more recently, the very beautiful Deepika Padukone danced to ‘Lungi dance’ sporting a pair. Wondering what on earth is it that I am talking about? Well, it is the latest fad to hit tinsel town, the very Indian, very desi, ‘JHUMKA’. 

The ‘Jhumka’ is the latest trend that’s ruling the entertainment industry currently. This fashion jewellery is the newest rage to hit tinsel town and our very own fad hunters are slowly getting their hands on this beautiful piece of accessory.


At Indiebazaar.com, you can find an extensive collection that can transform even the simplest of outfits. They can never go out of style and are often a brides’ favourite when opting for the traditional look.


li_22201Lmo_indiebazaar_earrings_HoopstyleJhumkaEarrings_Vividha li_17073JEQ_indiebazaar_earrings_MeenakariDesignerJhumkaPinkBlues_MKJewellers li_12212SEi_indiebazaar_earrings_MeenakariTokriEarringwithKundanGreenMaroonG_MKJewellersli_10193PMz_indiebazaar_earrings_ChandelierearringswithBeadsRedDiamonds_ANTIQUEIMPRESSIONS

Coasters at indiebazaar.com!

Hosting a themed taash party? Too scared to see your friends put a glass of water on your brand new piece of furniture? Those disgusting looking ring marks that are often left behind at parties can make you go crazy! Now, you can help preserve your precious furniture by placing our beautiful range of coaster sets. Add these lovely coasters to complete the “look” and have people rave about the hottest taash party this diwali.

li_2025NDj_indiebazaar_trays-and-coasters_ClassicMoviesCoasterSet_EcoCorner li_1793JYE_indiebazaar_trays-and-coasters_PopStarsTributeCoasters_EcoCorner li_1791JQp_indiebazaar_trays-and-coasters_RajeshKhannaMoviesCoasterset_EcoCorner li_2027ala_indiebazaar_trays-and-coasters_AmitabhBachchanMoviesCoasterSet_EcoCorner li_2024NPt_indiebazaar_trays-and-coasters_BollywoodDivasCoasterSet_EcoCorner


Cute Ballerinas

Do you own shoes for all possible occasions? Are you a shoe addict? (really now, is that what they call us these days :P ). This is what i was asked when my friends peaked inside my cupboard.  What people see as an addiction is actually a scientifically proven therapy! Shoe Shopping :D . We

 spend hours trying to get our hands on these cute and trendy footwear and have no qualms admitting that.

A cute pair of sandals can completely up your style quotient!

There is no need to strut around in those uncomfortable high heels when you can look equally sexy in these super cool ballerinas!

li_15922Veg_indiebazaar_womensfootwear_angrybirds_Zubiya li_312oJm_indiebazaar_womens-footwear_YelleBallerinas_MADHURIMAMGAIN

A selection of hand-painted ballerinas are currently the hot favourite amongst teens and working women alike. These ballerinas are cute, adorable and oh-so-comfortable! All in all, a perfect fit for the perfect you!

li_13179yrH_indiebazaar_womens-footwear_Gutenberg_ChalkStudio li_18050fax_indiebazaar_womensfootwear_loveaddiction_Zubiya

So, pep up your style with these super cool, hand painted ballerinas. These cute ballerinas which are perfect to spice up any outfit are especially worth a look!

 Check out the complete selection of women’s footwear at indiebazaar

How to turn a bad hair day around!

Hair has always had a great social significance to women and men alike. Your hairstyle is a clear indication of the subculture you choose to follow. Hippies, metal heads, goths, etc have a distinct look and yes you’ve guessed it right, the hairstyle plays a major part in getting the ‘look’ right.

How many of us have had a bad morning struggling to fight the bad hair days! Getting ready for college but can’t get it right ? Everyones been there… trust me.

We’ve found hair accessories to be the right ammunition to fight those bad hair days for all hair types! You would be amazed how hair clips, hair bands, hair pins & hair bows could turn it around for you.

At indiebazaar, our uber creative designers have created some of the coolest sets of hair accessories. 

So girls, whether of have curly hair, straight hair, or wavy hair , these hair accessories would complement and help fight the bad hair days!

Check out the amazing collection of designer hair accessories available at indiebazaarHair accessories


li_13025TSz_indiebazaar_hair-accessories_FunBubblesRibbonFlowersHairClip_PrincessHandmadeAccessories li_12885odg_indiebazaar_hair-accessories_ThatLilColour_TheRibbonandTheBow li_1427Ces_indiebazaar_hair-accessories_PinkShadedFlowerHairPins_CreateurByKarishma li_6722hyP_indiebazaar_hair-accessories_WhitePinkAngelicHeadgear_soulfulsaai li_7611KQJ_indiebazaar_hair-accessories_PetitePinks_TheRibbonandTheBow li_3918aRA_indiebazaar_hair-accessories_HelloKittyEarsCrochetHairClips_TImelesscreazion li_1421qSh_indiebazaar_hair-accessories_YellowRosePin_CreateurByKarishma li_16875Pcu_indiebazaar_hairaccessories_goldglitterbowhairband_Spades li_164KnH_indiebazaar_hair-accessories_RedFeatherHeadpieceorBrooch_TImelesscreazion